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Great! We appreciate your willingness to contribute!

The following are some guidelines for contributing to the Vue cheatsheet. These guidelines are meant to provide direction, but they are not strict rules. Please use your own judgment, and feel free to suggest changes to this document.

Running the project locally

  1. We recommend pnpm package manager. You can download it from here. If you don't want to use pnpm, you can use npm or yarn instead.

  2. Clone the project, and install the dependencies:

git clone
cd vue-cheatsheet
pnpm install
  1. Create a new branch:
git branch new_content
git checkout new_content
  1. Change/upgrade/add the changes you want
  2. Update the README if needed
  3. Add, commit and push your changes to GitHub:
git add .
git commit -m 'Your commit message'
git push origin new_content
  1. Open a pull request

You can

  • Submit changes to the cheatsheet
  • Improve existing topics and examples
  • Add new topics or resources
  • Ask for new topics by creating an Issue
  • Read the issues, fork the project and do a Pull Request
  • Report any kind of error or typo by creating an Issue or fix it with a Pull Request

What you need to know

If you don't know where to start:

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