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Vue Basic

Data binding

<script setup lang="ts">
import { ref } from 'vue'

const msg = ref('Hello World!')
const htmlContent = ref('<h1>In Heading Tag</h1>')

  <!-- Render `msg` variable -->
  <p>{{ msg }}</p>

  <!-- Bind HTML instead of string. Similar to `.innerHTML` -->
  <div v-html="htmlContent"></div>

Attribute Bindings

<!-- Passing `dynamicId` as attribute -->
<div v-bind:id="dynamicId"></div>

<!-- `:id` is a Shorthand of `v-bind:id` -->
<div :id="dynamicId"></div>

<!-- It can be passed directly without specifying a value, using the same name as the attribute. -->
<div v-bind:id></div>

<!-- `:id` is a Shorthand of `v-bind:id` -->
<div :id></div>

Event Bindings

<!-- method handler -->
<button v-on:click="doThis"></button>

<!-- shorthand -->
<button @click="doThis"></button>


Furthermore, we'll exclusively use shorthand notation

Boolean Attributes

<script setup>
import { ref } from 'vue'

const isButtonDisabled = ref(true)

  <button :disabled="isButtonDisabled">Button</button>

Dynamically Binding Multiple Attributes

<script setup>
const inputAttrs = {
  id: 'container',
  class: 'wrapper'

  <!-- Bind Multiple attributes by using a single variable -->
  <div v-bind="inputAttrs"></div>

Using JavaScript Expressions

<script setup>
import { ref } from 'vue';

const message = ref('Hello')
const number = 5
const ok = true
const id = 'wrapper'


  <!-- Mustache can have `JavaScript Expression` -->
  {{ number + 1 }}

  {{ ok ? 'YES' : 'NO' }}

  {{ message.split('').reverse().join('') }}

  <div :id="`list-${id}`">JavaScript Expression</div>



Vue all Directives with their API

<!-- Bind HTML instead of string. Similar to `.innerHTML` -->
<div v-html="htmlContent"></div>

<!-- bind an attribute -->
<img v-bind:src="imageSrc" />

<!-- conditionally displaying an element -->
<h1 v-show="ok">Hello!</h1>

<!-- Conditionally rendering the element -->
<div v-if="type === 'A'"> A </div>
<div v-else-if="type === 'B'"> B </div>
<div v-else-if="type === 'C'"> C </div>
<div v-else> Not A/B/C </div>

<!-- Render element or template multiple times -->
<div v-for="(item, index) in items"> {{ item }} </div>

<!-- Render the element and component once only, and skip future updates. -->
<span v-once>This will never change: {{msg}}</span>

<!-- Two-way data binding: -->
<input v-model="firstName" />

<!-- method handler -->
<button v-on:click="doThis"></button>

<!-- `Dynamic Arguments`: They are denoted by 'square brackets' after the directive name. -->
<a @[eventName]="doSomething"> ... </a>

<!-- `Modifiers`: They are special postfixes denoted by 'dot'. -->
<form @submit.prevent="onSubmit"> ... </form>

<!-- `v-pre`: Skip compilation for this element and all its children. -->
<span v-pre>{{ this will not be compiled }}</span>

<!-- `v-memo`: Memoize a sub-tree of the template. -->
<div v-memo="[valueA, valueB]"> ... </div>

<!-- `v-cloak`: Used to hide un-compiled template until it is ready -->
<div v-cloak>{{ message }}</div>

v-if vs. v-show

v-if: Use when the condition is unlikely to change often.

v-show: Use when you need to toggle frequently.

Example: Quick review of using 'v-for' with arrays and objects

<script setup>
import { ref } from 'vue'

const items = ref([{ message: 'Foo' }, { message: 'Bar' }])

const myObject = ref({
  title: 'How to do lists in Vue',
  author: 'John Doe',
  publishedAt: '2016-04-10'

<!-- Array -->
  <li v-for="(item, index) in items" :key="index">
    {{ index }} - {{ item.message }}

<!-- Array w/ Destructure -->
  <li v-for="({ message }, index) in items" :key="index">
    {{ index }} - {{ message }}

<!-- Object -->
  <!-- v-for="value in myObject" -->
  <!-- v-for="(value, key) in myObject" -->
  <li v-for="(value, key, index) in myObject" :key="index">
    {{ index }}. {{ key }}: {{ value }}

Template Refs

Give access to DOM elements.

<script setup>
import { ref, onMounted } from 'vue'

// declare a ref to hold the element reference
// the name must match template ref value
const input = ref(null)

onMounted(() => input.value.focus())

  <input ref="input" />

Lifecycle Hooks

beforeCreateAfter the instance has been initialized
createdAfter the instance is created
onBeforeMountBefore mounting DOM
onMountedDOM can be accessed
onBeforeUpdateReactive data changes
onUpdatedDOM has been updated
onBeforeUnmountComponent still complete
onUnmountedTeardown complete

Event Handling


<!-- Inline Handler -->
<button v-on:click="console.log('hello')">print</button>

<!-- Method Handler -->
<button v-on:click="greet">Greet</button>

<!-- use shorthand for v-on `@` -->
<button @click="console.log('hello')">print</button>

<!-- Calling methods in inline handler -->
<button @click="say('hello')">Say hello</button>

<!-- Access Event Argument -->
<!-- using $event special variable -->
<button @click="warn('Form cannot be submitted yet.', $event)">

<!-- using inline arrow function -->
<button @click="(event) => warn('Form cannot be submitted yet.', event)">

<!-- Event Modifiers -->
<!-- the click event's propagation will be stopped -->
<a @click.stop="doThis"></a>

<!-- the submit event will no longer reload the page -->
<form @submit.prevent="onSubmit"></form>

<!-- modifiers can be chained -->
<a @click.stop.prevent="doThat"></a>

<!-- just the modifier -->
<form @submit.prevent></form>

<!-- only trigger handler if is the element itself -->
<!-- i.e. not from a child element -->
<div @click.self="doThat">...</div>

<!-- use capture mode when adding the event listener     -->
<!-- i.e. an event targeting an inner element is handled -->
<!-- here before being handled by that element           -->
<div @click.capture="doThis">...</div>

<!-- the click event will be triggered at most once -->
<a @click.once="doThis"></a>

<!-- the scroll event's default behavior (scrolling) will happen -->
<!-- immediately, instead of waiting for `onScroll` to complete  -->
<!-- in case it contains `event.preventDefault()`                -->
<div @scroll.passive="onScroll">...</div>

Key Modifiers

Key ModifierExample Usage
keyup.enterTriggers Enter key up event
keyup.tabTriggers Tab key up event
keyup.deleteTriggers Delete or Backspace key up event
keyup.escTriggers Escape key up event
keyup.spaceTriggers Space key up event
keyup.arrow-upTriggers arrow up key up event
keyup.arrow-downTriggers arrow down key up event
keyup.arrow-leftTriggers arrow left key up event
keyup.arrow-rightTriggers arrow right key up event

Mouse modifiers

Mouse ModifierExample Usage
mousedown.leftTriggers Mouse left click event
mousedown.rightTriggers Mouse right click event
mousedown.middleTriggers Mouse middle click event

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